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Welcome to the new online home for Read Between the Lynes. We've redesigned the site to offer new and exciting features, including a larger list of books and reviews, up to date staff picks and reviews and an online store featuring a large collection of eBooks and other products that you can order from the comfort of your own home.


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"Girl Happy" — Girls' Night Out


Thursday, December 4th — 6:30 to 8:00 pm

The acclaimed author of The Borrower returns with a dazzlingly original, mordantly witty novel about the secrets of an old-money family and their turn-of-the-century estate, Laurelfield.

Meet the Devohrs: Zee, a Marxist literary scholar who detests her parents’ wealth but nevertheless finds herself living in their carriage house; Gracie, her mother, who claims she can tell your lot in life by looking at your teeth; and Bruce, her step-father, stockpiling supplies for the Y2K apocalypse and perpetually late for his tee time. Then there’s Violet Devohr, Zee’s great-grandmother, who they say took her own life somewhere in the vast house, and whose massive oil portrait still hangs in the dining room.



author of Coloring Animal Mandalas

Saturday, December 6th — Noon to 2:00 pm

From the Sanskrit word for circle, mandalas have been used for meditation and healing for thousands of years. Wendy Piersall is the creator of the Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Network, a popular resource for parents and educators and will join us with her book Coloring Animal Mandalas to introduce a fun way to achieve a state of mindfulness, foster creativity, reduce stress, and allow you to embrace your inner child by focusing on the simple but engaging task of coloring in the detailed designs.

Coloring Animal Mandalas adds the beauty of the animal kingdom — including butterflies, tigers, swans, snakes, lions and even dragons — into these intricate designs for page after page of coloring book bliss. With roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas are spiritual symbols that represent the universe. Come discover how coloring these hypnotically beautiful, mystical shapes is a meditative and enjoyable way to relax.